Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Building with Confidence: Safeguarding Your Construction Endeavors

In the realm of construction and engineering, safety is paramount. That’s where engineering insurance steps in – a versatile shield encompassing policies tailored to various aspects of the industry. Whether it’s the erection of buildings or the operation of intricate machinery, this coverage ensures a safety net for every project.

Construction sites pulse with the energy of progress, often involving heavy machinery and equipment. With engineering insurance, businesses can forge ahead without fearing the unexpected. It’s not just about protecting assets; it’s about safeguarding the well-being of the workforce, ensuring every endeavor is a success story in the making.


The general rule is that damages not covered by an “excluded peril” are covered by contractors’ all risks insurance. For instance, some contracts don’t cover risks like “wear and tear, obsolescence, deterioration, rust and mildew, loss and damage arising out of war and for faulty workmanship and faulty design,” which are caused by defects such as these. The advantage of this form of coverage for the insured is that the burden of proof shifts from the insured to the insurer, who must demonstrate that the loss’s source fits under an exclusion in order to deny the claim.


To safeguard against unplanned equipment failure or loss, with the choice to pay for the financial consequences for your company.


All businesses in the modern day rely on computers and technological devices. The repercussions of losing or damaging this might be severe and would likely impede daily operations.

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