Business All Risk

Business All Risk

Comprehensive types of cover available under your business insurance policy

In the realm of business insurance, All Risk Cover stands as a beacon of unparalleled security. At Phoenix of Zambia, our Business All Risk policy goes above and beyond, safeguarding items owned by the policyholder, even when they venture beyond the confines of their business address.

Imagine your essentials being protected at all times, no matter where your adventures take you. That level of certainty is what All Risk Cover offers. More than just insurance, it serves as your ally in resilience, ensuring that every facet of your company is protected at all times.

At Phoenix of Zambia, Your Business All Risk Items Are Covered:

  • for any unintentional loss or damage
  • and are covered worldwide.

All Risk Items Fall Into One Of Two Categories:

  • Unspecified All Risk – This section covers a variety of items taken out of or away from the business premises that might change from day to day. Therefore, it would be impractical to list them each time cover is required.
  • Specified All Risk – Each item insured under this section is specifically listed.

Business All Risk Form

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