Ms. Aliza Alibhai

Ms. Aliza Alibhai

Aliza is MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance from London School of Economics, London, UK. She currently serves on multiple boards of major organizations. She is a highly experienced professional with a diverse skill set and a proven track record in various areas of business operations. Her background in insurance underwriting provides her with a strong foundation in risk assessment and financial analysis. She has also played an integral role in shaping the strategic direction and financial objectives of the company, demonstrating her ability to think analytically and make sound business decisions.

In addition to her expertise in insurance, Aliza has extensive knowledge in call center operations. She has effectively managed daily operations, ensuring efficient workflow and high-quality customer service. Her experience in recruiting, training, and evaluating staff members has contributed to the development of skilled and motivated teams. Aliza’s leadership skills are evident in her capability to provide guidance and mentorship to her team members, fostering their professional growth and enhancing performance.

Aliza’s involvement in the formation and setup of various companies showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to contribute to the development of new ventures. Her expertise in developing and creating new marketing channels demonstrates her innovative mindset and her understanding of market trends. Aliza’s experience with budget management and financial resources ensures that she can effectively allocate resources and make strategic decisions that align with the company’s goals.

Furthermore, Aliza consistently prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintains strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. She has a proven ability to address customer concerns promptly and ensure their needs are met. Aliza stays updated with industry trends and regulatory changes, enabling her to adapt strategies and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

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