Claims Checklist

CLAIMS CHECKLIST Motor Claims (Insured/Third Parties) Third party Injury or Death Non-Motor Claims


Motor Claims (Insured/Third Parties)

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Original Admission of Guilt Receipt
  • Police Report
  • Copy of Driver’s licence
  • Premium payment receipt
  • Copy of motor certificate
  • Three quotations from approved garages
  • Inspection of Motor vehicle subject of claim

Third party Injury or Death

  • Demand Letter
  • Death Certificate
  • Burial Permit
  • Postmortem Report
  • Order of Appointment of Administrator
  • Full contact details of Administrator
  • Copy of Deceased’s NRC / Birth record or Certificate for minors
  • Copy of Administrator’s NRC
  • Copy of last 2 pay slips for months prior to accident
  • Letter from Employer (For those employed at time of death)
  • Marriage Certificate of Deceased (If survived by spouse)

Non-Motor Claims

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Police report
  • Three quotations
  • Technical Report on Loss (All Electronic equipment)
  • Payslip (For Group Personal Accident claims and Fidelity Guarantee claims)
  • Death Certificate (For Group Personal Accident)
  • Fire report from the local Fire department (For all Fire claims)

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