Motor Insurance
Is the highest level of cover a person can have if they take out motor insur-
ance in Zambia.
Marine Insurance
Covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property.
Domestic Insurance
This includes house and contents insurance. Within the industry it is referred to as personal lines.
Engineering Insurance
Our construction insurance policies protect against the cost of loss or damage to building works,
Fire Insurance
Insurance that is used to cover damage to a property caused by fire. Fire insurance is a specialized
Aviation Insurance
Aviation insurance is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft
Pay for your insurance premiums with DDAC payments by selecting various payment schedules
Pay your 3rd party motor insurance from the convenience of your home or office by Visa or MasterCard
Foreigners can buy 3rd party motor insurance online in advance before you enter in the country
Phoenix of Zambia Assurance Company (2009) Ltd commenced operations on 1st January 2010. Phoenix is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing. We have established successful partnership with our brokers and agents that respect the interests and goals of each party.
Our mission is to be the leading regional non-life insurer, the first choice for general insurance products to suit the requirements of individual and corporate customers.Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary. , making this the first true generator on the Internet
Group Companies
Phoenix Assurance Group is one of the dynamic financial power house operating short term insurance companies in Africa. The Group is also involved in Microfinance in select countries.
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